Why You Should Choose A Natural Acne Oil For Teenage Skin

Why You Should Choose A Natural Acne Oil For Teenage Skin image showing a girl with clear skin using ManukaRx Blemish Oil.

As if being a teenager isn't hard enough, 85% of teenagers will deal with breakouts and acne. Teenage skin is different from adult skin and requires a little extra love. Natural acne products not only aid the prevention of acne and breakouts but they also support teenage skin during hormonal changes.

Why is Teenage Skin Problematic?

  • We all know one of the biggest culprits for teenage changes - hormones. Increased levels of androgens (sex hormones) change the size of our pores and can cause them to become overactive. This increases the production of sebum (skin oil).
  • Keratin increases. Keratin is a protein found in the epidermis which helps to form a protective barrier. When both keratin and sebum increase, pores can become blocked. This build-up is one cause of breakouts.
  • Using the wrong products can have an impact on our skin. Heavy, thick face creams or moisturisers can clog pores, as can using different types of, or too much, make-up or skincare products. Work out your skin type (oily, normal, sensitive) and try to use products that suit your skin.
  • Your hair also has an impact on your skin, so keeping hair clean and back from your face may help to avoid breakouts around the hairline.
  • Forget the facepalms. Our teenage years are full of change, and it's not only going on internally. New schools, friends, pressures and emotions can all contribute to stress - and stress doesn't have a significant impact on teenage skin. Avoid touching your face too often, and try to reduce stress where possible.

Why Should I Try Natural Acne Treatment?

Mother Nature is pretty good at her job. Thanks to her efforts, natural acne treatments are becoming more and more accessible and common. Teenage skin needs a little more TLC than most, so trying a gentle natural regime is an excellent place to start. ManukaRx has created a range of skincare products carefully formulated to support, protect and help acne-prone skin.

The not-so-secret ingredient is East Cape mānuka oil, an essential oil creating by steam-distilling the branches and leaves of the Mānuka tree. It's a different product to mānuka honey (which is made with only mānuka pollen) but has far superior antibacterial properties thanks to the high levels of triketones. When you compare mānuka honey and mānuka oil, there's no doubt which one will be a more powerful companion for skincare during the teenage days.

When choosing an acne product, look for skincare with antibacterial properties. Acne-causing bacteria can transform a small spot into a painful pimple, so keeping the area clean with an antibacterial cleanser is a must.

That said, sometimes acne needs stronger, medical treatment instead of an over-the-counter solution. If your acne is painful and relentless or appearing as cysts, it's best to visit your doctor for another level of treatment.

Natural Acne Treatments Made Simple

Start yours or your teenager's natural anti-blemish journey today with ManukaRx's Ultimate Blemish Control Routine.

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