Help! What To Do When Pregnancy Leaves You With Pimples

Pregnant woman with pimples

First and foremost, congratulations on your pregnancy! Welcome to one of life's most exciting, complicated and nerve-wracking times. There are so many changes happening in your body, and some side effects may be a little... unexpected.

One aspect of pregnancy that many women look forward to is the famous 'pregnancy glow'. You know the one. In ads, the pregnant woman shines with happiness and health, generally while dressed in activewear with a cute bump. While some mums-to-be will glow, others may find themselves with breakouts and acne popping up. Don't worry! Pregnancy and pimples are entirely normal.

Why Pregnancy Causes Pimples?

The most obvious reason is the same for most odd pregnancy occurrences — hormones. Your hormones are going crazy, so from week 6, your skin may start to break out thanks to the influx of progesterone and androgens. Androgen hormones (mainly testosterone and androstenedione) lead to your pores changing and increase the production of sebum (a natural skin oil). Excess sebum can block and clog pores, causing breakouts.

Can I Use Acne Treatments During Pregnancy?

If you use an over-the-counter acne treatment or have medication prescribed by a doctor, make sure you check with them before continuing to use them during pregnancy - primarily if you use a medicine containing retinoids. All medication and skincare can enter the bloodstream in minor amounts, so if you're uncertain — double-check.

If you're wary of the effects of acne products, consider using natural skincare. ManukaRx has a range of anti-acne products that use gentle natural ingredients to combat acne-causing bacteria and keep your skin looking as 'glow-y' as possible. The not-so-secret component is East Cape Manuka oil. Local families harvest the leaves and branches of the manuka tree before they're steam-distilled in a small factory on New Zealand's East Cape. The location of the trees is essential — East Cape mānuka is scientifically proven to have exceptionally high levels of triketones compared to elsewhere in New Zealand. These triketones boost the antibacterial properties of the oil, making it a perfect addition to anti-acne treatments.

The ManukaRx range includes a gentle cleanser, moisturiser, skin oil and an acne prevention oil. Use separately to keep pregnancy acne at bay, or combine the range for full anti-acne treatment.

Should I Treat my Skin Differently For Pregnancy With Pimples?

​​​​​​​Be kind to yourself during pregnancy - that applies to body, soul and skin. The basics remain the same. Keep hydrated, wash your skin daily with a gentle cleanser (keep water warm, not hot to avoid dry skin), and tailor your skincare to your skin type. If you happen have pimples during pregnancy, avoid touching the area and DON'T SQUEEZE. We won't say that it will clear up in the second or third trimester — every pregnancy is different!

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