Mānuka: A native New Zealand plant and nature’s best remedy! An anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-aging powerhouse.

℞ has its origins in the Latin word ‘Recipe’. It has been used throughout history to describe
a recommendation.



We want to transform your skin, naturally.

Our Philosophy

At ManukaRx we focus on skin health, not cosmetics. We develop only the highest quality of natural cosmeceutical and bio-active products to deliver real results, harnessing the powers of mānuka essential oil.

Our range of health products has been formulated, by an in-house team of medical professionals, using the scientifically proven antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-aging properties of mānuka essential oil from the East Cape in New Zealand.

Meet Suki Harding, our Head of R&D

At ManukaRx we believe in nature backed by science. As a natural cosmeceutical company, we are using the best of science to prove the powers of East Cape mānuka essential oil for your skin.

Science is at the core of our company. Dr. Suki Harding is not only a director but also heading our R&D department.

Dr. Suki has a BSc (Hons) First Class in Chemistry from Massey University and a PhD in Chemistry and an MBA from Victoria University of Wellington.

Our Story

After years of product development, ManukaRx was born in 2017. Our first product was a natural ointment, an everyday balm for everyday harm.

The outstanding feedback the product received identified the potential for sharing East Cape mānuka essential oil with more people around the world and so began our journey.