Get Beautiful, Stronger Fingernails Fast!

Caring for our cuticles and fingernails are key to having healthy hands and nails. What if the damage has already been done? Or what if your nails just don't seem up to the level you want them at? We've put down a handful of useful tips and tricks to get more beautiful and stronger nails fast. 

Get Beautiful Nails with ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment

Caring for Your Cuticles to Get Beautiful Strong Nails

Whether you like acrylics, gels, jamberry wraps, and polish or just like to leave them unadorned, your nails are an important part of your beauty regime.  Here’s how to ensure healthy, strong, nails.

How Do Nails Grow?

Your nails grow from an area called the matrix, which is the root of your nail. It constantly regenerates cells, forcing the old cells to be packed together, and this process forms the nail. The lunula is the whitish half-moon shape at the base on your nail. It’s part of the matrix. Then there are the cuticles, which protect the matrix from germs. Fingernails only grow at about 3.55mm a month, so it’s important to take care of your nails at the base, when they are forming.

How to Look After Your Cuticles?

It’s important to look after your cuticles, as they provide support for growing new nails. It’s advised to never trim or cut your cuticles, as this leaves an opening for infections to attack. Instead, after a shower or bath, use a wet facecloth to gently push the cuticles back. Apply cuticle cream, which softens the skin.

Which Cuticle Cream is Best?

There are many products for cuticle care in the market, but one stands out from the rest – ManukaRx® Skin Rescue Ointment. Its active ingredient, mānuka oil from New Zealand mānuka trees, contains β-triketones. These are naturally occurring antibacterial compounds.

This means you are protecting and treating your cuticles with a natural product that helps prevent the spread of bacteria. The other ingredients combine to keep the skin soft and supple, and to aid skin regeneration. These well-known moisturisers include beeswax, cocoa butter, castor seed and sunflower seed oil, and shea butter.

Just rub a tiny bit of ManukaRx® into each cuticle at bedtime and once during the day. This keeps your nails looking beautiful, encourages strong nail growth and will eliminate the need for a professional cuticle treatment. ManukaRx® is also an excellent spot treatment for other dry or calloused areas on your hands. Keep a tube in your handbag, desk drawer, or bedside cabinet and you’re on your way to beautiful hands and nails.

Ready to get beautiful, stronger nails for yourself? Check out our Natural Skin Rescue Ointment with Mānuka Oil today!

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