What people are saying about our ManukaRx Ointment

What you should know about Manuka oil

  • It comes from the same family as Australian Tea Tree oil
  • It is 20-30 times more effective than Tea Tree oil against gram positive bacteria
  • It is over 1000 times more effective than Manuka honey against gram positive bacteria
  • The Tea tree oil industry produces 100 times more oil than there is Manuka oil produced in New Zealand

Trials are being undertaken in New Zealand so that, depending on the outcome of those trials, certain claims will be able to made about Manuka oil products being able to be used for specific skin types. We started trialing ManukaRx products in 2017. We started with our ointment, then we gave away free samples and now we have a growing suite of products which has helped many skin types. Due to regulations in New Zealand we are unable to show many of our testimonials which are governed by the Code for Therapeutic Advertising.

If you have sent us a review and you do not find that it has been published it is probably because our compliance team have thought that it was not compliant with the Code.

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