Worried About The Safety Of Commercial Deodorants? Mānuka Oil is the Solution.

Mānuka oil has a variety of incredible qualities, but it has one that isn’t as well-known as others. Whether you know it or not, it’s an excellent natural deodorant. Here's a bit about why natural deodorant can be the solution to your synthetic deodorant woes and worries. 

Worried About The Safety Of Commercial Deodorants? Thought About Manuka Oil?

What causes body odour?

Body odour is the naturally-occurring smell when acid in your sweat is broken down by bacteria that live on the skin. Certain factors, such as weight, diet and some medical conditions can make some people more susceptible to body odour.

Here's a nifty fact: Sweat on its own doesn’t smell, it’s the bacteria multiplying in the sweat that causes the smell. The odour typically arises from underarms and feet but can emanate from any area.

Propionic amino acids are broken down by specific propionibacteria. This produces a sour, vinegar-like smell. Isovaleric acid is broken down by Staphylococcus epidermidis, which is sometimes present in cheese too. Neither bacterium is harmful on its own. But together they put up quite a stink.

Why is mānuka oil effective as a deodorant?

Mānuka oil is antibacterial. Unlike some commercial deodorants that simply cover up the smell, mānuka resolves the cause.

Mānuka also has a light, citrusy scent, which is a pleasant natural fragrance. This means you can avoid having to make contact with the toxic chemicals commonly used as a fragrance in many commercial deodorants.

Mānuka oil also has a number of other fantastic benefits for skin, which make it fantastic for a deodorant – it not only prevents the spread of bacteria that cause odour, it helps to keep skin healthy as well.

How to use mānuka oil as a deodorant

Adding two or three drops of mānuka oil to your regular body wash will assist greatly in reducing body odour. Mānuka oil can also help with foot odour - simply apply mānuka oil to your feet and toes, or add it to a foot scrub. Try and see what works for you. There are also commercially available deodorants with mānuka oil as an active ingredient, just like our very own!

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