How Mānuka Oil Can Help With Tattoo Healing

Wondering how to take care of your new tattoo best for optimum healing? We have an incredible effective solution for natural tattoo care -- mānuka oil. Here's our guide on how mānuka oil can help your tattoo heal beautifully!

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Congratulations! The hours in the tattoo chair are done and dusted. However, now the important part begins. Giving your new tattoo some TLC is the best way to make sure it  remains vibrant for years to come - and ManukaRx's Tattoo Care Balm is here to help.

Stage One - Wound Healing

Your tattoo artist will clean and wrap the area for you; try to keep your tattoo covered for the first 24 hours (while making sure the wrap/bandage is kept clean). You can expect some inflammation and a general ache that may feel like a sunburn.

The tattoo may also start to weep/ooze as the skin starts to regenerate and heal. Carefully wash it with a gentle antibacterial soap such as ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap, but don’t rub it dry - pat gently with a soft cloth or paper towel. Let the area dry for ten minutes, then apply a healing lotion like ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm to keep the area clean and boost the healing process. This stage will last around one week but can vary.

Stage Two - Itching and Peeling

By this stage, your skin will be repairing and well into the healing process. This, unfortunately, means the area will have scabbed and will no doubt itch like mad. Do not scratch it. As tempting as it may be to itch away, removing them too early may damage this skin. Instead, keep your hands busy by applying ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm multiple times a day. This will keep the area well moisturised and help to ease the itching. This should last about a week, then the skin will start to flake and peel naturally. It won't the most attractive stage, but avoid rushing things along with picking, scratching and rubbing.

Stage Three - The Final Countdown

While your skin may look to be nearly completely healed, there’s still a way to go before your tattoo reaches its full potential. There’s still a lot going on beneath the surface, so don’t worry if the colour looks a little cloudy or even faded. There’s still a layer of dead skin concealing and protecting the area, and once this finally flakes away, you’ll be able to see the finished product. Keep applying the ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm; having the area well moisturised and clean will help the to heal and repair. While everyone is different, most tattoos will heal and look vibrant after 2-4 months.

ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm has been specifically formulated to help care for your new tattoo. Ultra moisturising and full of natural antibacterial properties, this gentle balm will help to soothe, protect and nourish your new tattoo. Mānuka sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand is famed for its exceptionally high levels of triketones, which boosts the oils antimicrobial properties, making it more effective against bacteria and microorganisms that can cause infections and hinder the healing of cuts and wounds. ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm uses the combination of powerful East Cape Mānuka Oil, Kawakawa, arnica and St John's wort to keep your tattoo vibrant and healthy for years to come.

If anything looks unusual, or you experience pain or discomfort, contact your tattoo artist and/or doctor. It’s always better to check than risk ruining your ink.

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