The Science Supporting the Incredible Mānuka Oil

Scientist in lab with Manuka Oil

Mānuka Oil Qualities

The list of amazing qualities that mānuka oil has is long and varied. Read on to find out how this New Zealand native plant can assist you with all sorts of skin problems.

Mānuka Oil is Antimicrobial

Mānuka oil contains β-triketones, natural compounds that kill or stop the growth of micro-organisms. These compounds can be broken down into anti-bacterial and antifungal agents. They stimulate immune response in skin complaints, speeding up recovery times.


The most widely studied property of mānuka oil is its amazing antibacterial abilities. An Otago University study showed that it was effective against the specific bacteria that cause acne. Another study, published in the Journal of Microbiology, analysed microorganism growth and found that manuka oil significantly inhibited growth of the bacteria S. aureus, S. mutans, S. sobrinus, and E. coli.


In the same Journal of Microbiology study, researchers found that mānuka oil has potent fungicidal properties capable of inhibiting growth of fungi. Mānuka oil was even found to be effective against some antibiotic resistant ‘super bugs’, including MRSA.

Mānuka Oil is Anti-Inflammatory

Mānuka oil is capable of significantly reducing inflammation without irritating the skin, making it a possible treatment for people with sensitive skin . The inhibitory effect of mānuka oil on some inflammation-producing cytokines means that it is also effective for treating insect bites and stings. The oil is also antispasmodic, meaning that it may be of benefit for treatment of muscle strain or inflammatory conditions.

Mānuka Oil is a Cicatrisant

Mānuka oil also contains calamenene, which has skin calming and analgesic properties. These properties assist in scar reduction. Mānuka oil is understood to work by killing or reducing bacteria or fungal growth, then reducing inflammation and calming the skin, allowing for faster recovery and less scarring.

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  • Sue Beardslee

    I love the results I get from the ointment, but it would be nice if it was not quite as oily. I have eczema on my scalp and find my hair being quite greasy when I use it.

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