The Beauty and Effectiveness of Natural Skin Care

Our skin deserves to be treated well. Every day it gets bumps and bruises, kissed by the sun and showered with rain, rubbed, wrinkled and touched. It's a protector, a mask and an important part of our identity. So why would we want to cover our skin in creams, serums and treatments that contain chemicals?
Natural skin care woman

Natural skin care products use ingredients found in the environment - there is nothing chemical, and nothing man-made. It's hard to imagine a product more natural than mānuka oil. The mānuka tree has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Traditional Maori medicine transformed almost the entire mānuka tree. Leaves, branches, flowers and bark have been transformed into lotions, balms and remedies to treat a variety of ailments, including head colds, acne, inflammation and rheumatic joints.

ManukaRx craft their products, including the hydrating ManukaRx Moisturising Face Cream (coming soon!), from anti-microbial and antibacterial mānuka oil harvested and distilled on the East Cape of New Zealand.

There are many reasons that choosing natural skin care is beneficial - here are just three.

  • Your skin absorbs products that you use, which can include chemicals and additives. It's estimated that a woman's skin comes in contact with well over 100 chemicals every day, so why not keep use natural skin care where possible? ManukaRx Clearing Face Cream combines the power of mānuka oil with hydrating shea butter, vitamin E, Macadamia nut oil to create a moisturiser that is non-clogging. The antibacterial properties of ma8nuka oil can also make it effective in soothing acne breakouts.
  • Natural ingredients are nourishing for the skin, rather than drying or irritating. ManukaRx products are also fragrance and paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • Natural products are good for the environment. ManukaRx skin care uses oil from native mānuka, grown and harvested on the East Cape of New Zealand. Using a combination of plantation-grown mānuka, and mānuka gathered from local farms means the harvests are not only sustainable but directly benefit the local community.

ManukaRx Moisturising Face Cream is light enough for everyday use, and, when used as part of a daily skin care routine, can help to ease and soothe symptoms of acne.

The antibacterial properties of the mānuka oil can also prevent breakouts from occurring, and reduce the lasting scarring. Experience this magical formula and pick up our ManukaRx Clearing Face Cream today!

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