Synergistic Skincare: What You Need To Know

Have you heard of synergistic skincare? If you haven’t, it’s definitely a term you should get nice and familiar with as it could be the key to the new you and to unlocking phenomenal skin.

Synergistic Skincare: What You Need To Know image showing ManukaRx Pro-Aging Trio for beautiful and youthful skin at any age.

So what is synergistic skincare? Here’s what you need to know...

It’s not just a fancy name or one of those passing beauty trends, but a discovery with the potential to take your natural skincare routine to the next level. You know that saying “those just go so perfectly together” when referring to foods and spices or styles and clothing (and maybe sometimes couples) -- that’s called synergy.

Think of synergy for your skin like a best friend - they always help you out and uplift you to make you even better. That’s synergistic skincare in a nutshell.

When two or more things simply work together well, and compliment or increase the other properties of the parts and ingredients involved, they are synergistic. This can apply to tastes, smells, colors, textures, people, and more.

For example, have you ever wondered why basil and tomatoes go together? Well, it’s not because they just taste great. It’s because the critters that eat tomatoes hate basil, so basil is planted nearby to help protect the tomatoes and help them grow healthier. It just made sense to combine these Italian staples together. 😋

In the case of your skin, we are talking about synergistic natural ingredients that work phenomenally to boost the health of your skin and combine to create skin-nourishing blends that single ingredients on their own just can’t achieve.

Enter mānuka oil, one of the world’s most powerful synergistic essential oils

If that’s not an intro to dazzle, we don’t know what is. But mānuka oil isn’t just talk, it walks the walk and the science behind mānuka oil proves it is one of the most effective antibacterial synergistic oils found in nature.

Different than other essential oils

Mānuka oil, especially from the East Cape of New Zealand, has amazing skincare benefits like many other natural essential oils. But unlike most other essential oils, and when compared to similar myrtles like Australian tea tree, East Cape manukā oil is leaps and bounds more potent because it is loaded with triketones that give it antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory superpowers.

Combine these benefits with other ingredients that are helpful in addressing more specific skin challenges, be it severe acne or anti-aging or damaged skin -- mānuka oil is a clear choice for combining with the best of nature.

Why Synergistic Skincare is Sensational for Pro-Aging

Though mānuka oil is powerful and versatile, it can’t do it all. But that’s where the synergistic benefits of it come into play. Take anti-aging for example -- we can’t stop time but many skincare products want to make you think that. They may boost collagen, which is important for keeping skin youthful, but they don’t protect against skin-damaging bacterias and other conditions. So you end up with empty bottles filled with empty promises.

Synergistic Skincare: What You Need To Know image showing a mature woman holding ManukaRx Pro-Aging Day Cream and Night Cream for moisturising mature skin for more youthful complexion.

Pro-aging on the other hand is all about aging gracefully and healthy, so you and your skin can look youthful longer. But at the same time it works to help keep skin fortified and protected against dermal-damaging elements and bad bacterias.

Take rosehip oil as a prime example, which happens to be a main ingredient in our Pro-Aging Trio lineup. It so happens that rosehip is also one of the best ingredients gifted by mother nature to slow the effects of time on our skin and help repair it.

The Combined Collagen-Boosting Benefits of Rosehip and Mānuka

Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A boasts big benefits for your skin to help stimulate circulation, boost collagen production to retain that youthful skin elasticity, and inhibits enzymes that break down collagen. Along with this, rosehip has an army of antioxidants to fight off free-radicals that can cause chaos for our skin.

While rosehip works to keep skin looking young and remaining strong, mānuka oil fights bad skin bacteria that damage skin and wreak havoc on the healing process. This allows your skin to focus on protecting you, and helps the rosehip work even better to keep you looking younger, longer.

It gets better. Mānuka oil not only works as the perfect ally to the fatty acids boasting rosehip oil, but because mānuka oil has been found to increase the potential activity and properties of other essential oils that it gets combined with, the plant-powered properties of rosehip oil are intensified when infused with mānuka oil.

Ways This Synergistic Pro-Aging Trio Works Great For You

East Cape Mānuka and Rosehip Skin Oil

Synergistic Skincare: What You Need To Know image with ManukaRx Pro-Aging Skin Oil with Rosehip and Manuka Oil.

The combination of these 2 powerful essential oils create the perfect first layer of defense and dermal renaissance for your skin and will lay the groundwork for repairing and rejuvenating it. Great to use daily, especially on extra-problematic spots and blemishes.

Day Cream with Mānuka and Rosehip Oil

Synergistic Skincare: What You Need To Know image with ManukaRx Pro-Aging Day Cream with Manuka essential oil for beautiful and youthful mature skin.

Don’t start your day without it. ManukaRx Day Cream harnesses the collagen-boosting traits of rosehip oil while locking in moisture and promoting white blood cell production in the skin with mānuka oil to heal faster and fight back anything the world throws at you throughout your day.

Night Cream with Mānuka, Rosehip, and Kakadu Plum Oil

Synergistic Skincare: What You Need To Know image with ManukaRx Pro-Aging Night Cream for more beautiful and youthful mature skin.

Formulated to work hard for you and your skin while you sleep, kakadu plum oil joins the team with the most vitamin C concentration found in nature. This helps to penetrate deep into skin cells to increase the effectiveness of rosehip oil while gently exfoliating and clearing our pores.

The three products found in our Pro-Aging Trio are incredible examples of the benefits of working together, and these natural ingredients will work together synergistically to give you long-lasting, younger looking, healthier and fortified skin no matter what the age.

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