Skincare Tips Every Woman Over 50 Should Know

Looking fabulous in your 50s and over is a goal that is fully achievable, and with a bit of discipline in your skincare regimen and daily habits you’ll keep your skin looking stellar for longer! Now, there are plenty of broken promises or fad-based products in the skincare world along with the unrealistic skin-smoothing social media and photography apps. But when we say that healthy and great looking mature skin is possible, we wholeheartedly mean it. Here is a list of skincare tips every woman over 50 should know!

Suncream is Key for Skin of your Dreams

We know, the whole slip, slop, slap saying has been drilled into us from a young age, but there is a good reason for it. Sun damage is one of the main causes of accelerated aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and types of hyperpigmentation (known by doctors as solar lentigines) on areas exposed to the sun. It’s also the leading cause of skin cancer, which is even more reason to keep that bottle of SPF in arms reach at all times!

Be it rain or shine, summer or winter, we are exposed to UV-A and UV-B rays and our skin needs protection against these harmful rays. UV exposure also affects us more as we age by deteriorating our collagen production and damaging skin cells faster than they can repair. And given collagen production is important to every part of our body and skin cell regeneration slows as we age, this makes sunscreen an incredible ally for aging skin. Make sure to apply at least SPF30 and rinse your face at night to clear your pores.

To Keep Skin Youthful, Get Good Sleep

You might not realise it, but your body works overtime while you sleep to keep you and your skin healthy. While you’re fast asleep counting sheep, your body goes into peak repair mode (cell mitosis), regenerating skin cells and giving bodily functions a break to rejuvenate after being on overdrive all day long. Blood flow in skin increases and so does collagen production to fix damage, UV exposure, and reducing wrinkles. That’s IF you are sleeping.

When you miss out on quality sleep, your body produces more cortisol or stress hormones. These hormones put your skin into a pro-inflammatory state which can create flare-ups in acne, dry out skin, and reduce collagen. Sleep is the time when you should be reaching dermal nirvana, because all of the environmental stresses like sun exposure, pollution, changing temperatures, work, and wearing make up are all taken away. Sleep is your skin's chance to focus without distraction on making you look great, so make sure to break away from the artificial light and get a good night’s rest!

Healthy Diet = Healthy Skin

There are more reasons than one to have a healthy diet but in this case, your skin will benefit enormously from eating better. Fast foods, processed meals with high sodium, and tons of sugar intake will eventually show up in the skin from oil build up, dry skin, acne breakouts, and lower elasticity. Your body is a marvelous machine and needs to be taken care of by getting a proper assortment of vitamins and nutrients. By including vitamin-packed vegetables, fruits, and nuts with good fats you’ll be supplying your body and skin with the right fuel to keep working and looking amazingly.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Throughout the day our bodies are performing a million different jobs at once, and so is our skin. As you work, move, and sweat throughout the day the body is losing moisture. And if you aren’t properly hydrating throughout your day with sufficient amounts of water (coffee doesn’t count) you are most likely throwing off your skin’s ability to stay healthy. This will lead to dry skin that also loses its elasticity.

It’s not just throughout the day. Skin loses more moisture during the evening and night, so it’s important to drink water before you sleep and have a glass of water when you wake as your skin’s moisture loss is at its highest overnight.

Collagen Can Make or Break Skin Longevity

Collagen is, in a basic sense, the glue that holds all of us together. It’s the wonder protein in our skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments and is the most important part of keeping skin healthy and young. So, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal especially for those of us over 50!

As we age, collagen production naturally slows. But there are also plenty of other things in our everyday life that can disrupt collagen production even more, like many in this list. Among the plethora of collagen-boosting products taking over the skincare and supplement world now, we believe supporting your skin’s collagen duties naturally is the best skincare solution. And that means incorporating skincare products that support and boost these functions with natural ingredients! But which natural ingredients assist collagen production?

Rosehip Is A Collagen-Boosting Superhero

Packed with retinoids and Vitamin A, rosehip oil is a plant-powered collagen booster helps increase collagen production in our skin while fighting free-radicals that can disrupt it. The antioxidants defend the skin while the other vitamins hydrate deep and promote skin healing. Introducing natural skincare products like those in our Pro-Aging Ritual that are paired with East Cape mānuka, the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil, will improve your skin appearance and longevity leaps and bounds.

Natural Skincare Remedies for Women Over 50

Pro-Aging Cream Cleanser with Rosehip and Mānuka Oil

To start the day off on the right foot, use the Pro-Aging Cream Cleanser to clean your face deeply but gently to remove any oil build-up from the night or throughout the day. Probiotic reduces moisture loss while evening primrose soothes and reduces inflammation.

Pro-Aging Day Cream with Rosehip and Mānuka Oil

Fortify and hydrate your skin effectively with the UV protecting powers of mānuka oil and the ultra-hydrating effects of rosehip oil in the Pro-Aging Day Cream. Kakadu plum oil, with the world’s highest concentration of vitamin C, increases collagen production and boosts your skin barrier function with antioxidants throughout the day.

Pro-Aging Skin Oil with Rosehip and Mānuka Oil

This skincare superhero combo of mānuka and rosehip oil in the Pro-Aging Skin Oil penetrates deep into the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while creating a hydrating but breathable defensive layer on the skin. Free-radicals, UV rays, and collagen-disrupting bacteria don’t stand a chance.

Pro-Aging Night Cream with Rosehip and Mānuka Oil

A great moisturiser is an important addition to a good night's sleep. The Pro-Aging Night Cream helps to support your skin’s nightly repair role to boost collagen production and skin cell regeneration while hydrating deep. Given moisture loss is at its highest at night, the aloe vera in this cream soothes skin and adds an extra layer of skin hydration support.

Here’s to the fabulous 50s and beyond! Achieve the sensational skin you deserve no matter your age and explore our full Pro-Aging Products lineup today scientifically formulated to help your skin age gracefully!

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