How to Easily Make a Natural Homemade Lip Scrub

Like a body scrub, a lip scrub is a semi-liquid or other soft-solid base containing particles that slough off dry, flaky pieces and leave smooth skin behind. Lip scrubs are a type of mechanical exfoliation, meaning it physically removes dead skin cells (vs. chemically). Properly exfoliated lips better absorb moisturising agents and protectants such as lip balm.

Making skincare products is not only more sustainable and affordable, but it also cuts the long list of ingredients down to just a few natural alternatives. This fun and easy DIY lip scrub will leave lips looking polished and healthy.

Lip scrub recipe

There are many recipes for lip scrubs, and you can mix and match to suit. The basic rule is two parts sugar (brown/raw/white is fine), one part oil (coconut, olive, grapeseed) and one part honey - if not using honey, double the oil. Then add any additional ingredients such as essential oils, flavours and even spices.

Below is a basic recipe, but have fun with it and mix and match to suit. Most scrubs will last a couple of weeks, depending on if kept in the fridge or room temperature. Coconut oil and honey will harden in the fridge so bring them to room temperature before using.

  • Combine one tablespoon coconut oil, one tablespoon honey and two tablespoons sugar. Add a few drops of warm water, and stir.

Ideas to Boost Your Homemade Lip Scrub

  • Add some strawberry for a hint of natural colour
  • Mix in a dash of cinnamon to plump your pout.
  • Try adding a small drop of East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil to help soothe any irritation and protect split or chapped lips against bacteria. It's best to do a skin test before applying as pure essentials can be intense. While most of the other scrubs are entirely edible, avoid nibbling on this one.

How to Use a Homemade Lip Scrub

  1. Wet lips and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. The scrub will remove any dead skin and leave a beautiful, fresh surface for the scrub and balm. The skin on lips is thinner than elsewhere and requires some special treatment. Use a new toothbrush (not your everyday one) or purchase a child's brush - the bristles are softer than most adult brushes.
  2. Apply a small amount of scrub and rub in a circular motion for a minute or two. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Scrubs are abrasive so limit use to once or twice a week to protect the skin.
  3. Now that the surface is clean and prepped, lip balm will be more effective. Apply ManukaRx Lip Balm just before going to sleep to let it soak in and hydrate - your lips will wake up happy.

ManukaRx Lip Balm is gentle on delicate skin and low-fragrance. The combination of coconut oil, shea butter, mānuka oil and Vitamin E creates an ultra-hydrating and easy-to-use balm that helps soothe sore lips and boosts protection against irritants and ailments. ManukaRx Lip Balm is available online and from select health stores.

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