7 Reasons To Give Natural Deodorant A Try

We’ve got to tell you something that might stink to hear, but we want to be honest with you — the deodorant that you know and love might be making you smell worse, and could be damaging your body. Many conventional deodorant brands on the market use harsh chemicals in deodorants that are bad for you and the environment and trap toxins inside your body. 

It's time to break up with your old deodorant, but it's for the better.

7 Reasons To Give Natural Deodorant A Try - manuka roll on deodorant, natural deodorant

If you have been using a non-natural deodorant all of your life, it might come as a shock to read that. And it can be a little scary to change up a routine like your deodorant, given you may have been using a specific brand for your whole life with a specific scent attached to you. 

We know, it’s hard to break away from something so…you. To move on to something so different. So new. But there’s no need to worry, and changing it up can have awesome health benefits. We have an easy transition for just this problem — our all-natural ManukaRx Deodorant, a blend made with Leptospermum Scoparium (mānuka oil) that is free of all of that bad stuff

7 Reasons To Give Natural Deodorant A Try - manuka roll on deodorant, natural deodorant

Why do we believe so whole-heartedly that you should ditch the other deodorants and give natural deodorant a try? We’ve put together 7 reasons to show you exactly why it’ll change your hygiene routine for the better.

1) It’s made with “Nature’s Miracle” essential oil

We can’t express enough of our love for East Cape mānuka oil and its health benefits for your body. But what you might not know is that it makes for an amazing ingredient in natural deodorant because of its powerful antibacterial properties, which is key to conquering body odour for good and smelling great. 

East Cape mānuka oil is a gentle essential oil that is an antibacterial 20-30 times more powerful than tea tree oil because of the high number of triketones found in this specific type of mānuka. 

So how does this help with body odour?

What most people do not know is that sweat is pretty much odourless. It’s not the fact that you inherently smell if you’ve had body odour issues in the past, it is the bad and lingering bacteria growth after you sweat that creates body odour. So with the bacteria-fighting power of mānuka oil, body odour is not just covered up B.O. but prevented naturally. You get less of the bad bacteria which makes room for the good bacteria.

Less bad bacteria, less smell! 

While most antiperspirants and deodorants need to clog your pores to stop sweat from happening because of their inability to fight bacteria, mānuka oil solves this issue. This creates a healthy balance from your body without completely stopping your body’s natural mechanisms for equilibrium. 

2) It’s aluminium free

It’s time to start sweating without worry, because sweating is actually a good thing. When you sweat, it means that the body is ridding itself of toxins through the pores while also cooling itself down simultaneously when you’re active. 

7 Reasons To Give Natural Deodorant A Try - manuka roll on deodorant, natural deodorant

What most conventional deodorants do is they clog the pores with aluminium salts that cause the pores to swell. It may prevent sweating but it also causes inflammation and traps sweat, bacteria, and toxins from escaping.

Our natural deodorant with mānuka oil doesn’t have aluminium or aluminium salts as an ingredient, so it doesn’t need to fight against sweat because inhibiting sweating can be unhealthy for the body. Instead, it helps enable the body to sweat naturally while not clogging the pores with chemicals that can cause body odour. 

Yes, your old deodorant can cause you to smell worse.

Shocker, we know. The aluminium salts used often in deodorants also kill off the less smelly bacteria, which makes way for the stronger smelly bacteria to multiply and thrive. This, of course, creates more body odour.

Mānuka oil, on the other hand, has no known allergies or dangerous side effects.

3) It’s paraben-free

Paraben is a widely used preservative that shows up in many cosmetics and pharmaceutical products including deodorants, but it may be linked to disrupting your hormone levels. 

7 Reasons To Give Natural Deodorant A Try - natural deodorant, paraben free deodorant, aluminium free deodorant

To keep our Natural Deodorant radically natural and non-toxic, we do not use Paraben at all.

4) It prevents those annoying yellow stains

We can all probably imagine a scenario in the past when you go to grab a favourite light-coloured top and discover that there are stains around the underarms. Disaster, there goes a favourite top!  

What if we said we could eliminate that underarm stain issue for good?

It’s not only you that might be getting that tell-tale yellowing around the armpits of your clothes. Did you know that it’s most likely the deodorant you are using that causes this yellowing? Aluminium in many commercial brand deodorants reacts to the proteins in your sweat which causes this yellowing to occur, ultimately staining your clothes. Take out the aluminium, the stains go away!

7 Reasons To Give Natural Deodorant A Try - natural deodorant, paraben free deodorant, aluminium free deodorant


When you switch to a natural deodorant without aluminium, you’ll be living stain-free finally. The mānuka oil inside our natural deodorant doesn’t clash with the proteins in your sweat, which means stain-free shirts! 

5) It’s gentle on the skin

Mānuka has been used for centuries to heal wounds and burns, and mānuka oil and is even in our Natural Skin Ointment to help with nappy rash on babies.

It doesn’t get more gentle than that. 

Our East Cape mānuka oil products are already known for their gentleness when it comes to the skin, so it was a no-brainer to make a natural deodorant with this ingredient. Without the use of aluminium plugging the pores and other harsh chemicals that can cause reactions, there is less chance of irritation and inflammation. 

7 Reasons To Give Natural Deodorant A Try - natural deodorant, paraben free deodorant, aluminium free deodorant

ManukaRx Natural Deodorant is very good for the skin and known to protect and expedite healing, since mānuka oil is antibacterial and antimicrobial, and often used to treat inflammation and irritation. 

6) It’s synthetic fragrance free

Our natural deodorant also has Thymus Vulgaris Oil (wild thyme oil) as an important ingredient to give a fresh, slightly floral and earthy scent and helps to remove toxins from the body at the same time. Without adding synthetic fragrances, which are often created with chemicals including petroleum, you’ll smell better, naturally. 

7) It’ll help you to detox

After making the switch to a natural deodorant, a detox may occur that can last a week or two because you’ve suddenly stopped clogging your pores with chemicals.

Don’t sweat it, it’s perfectly normal! 

After about the first week, your body will start to rid itself of the built-up toxins and chemicals from years of using non-natural deodorants. This can cause more sweating and stronger odour temporarily. This means your body is finally opening up and able to breathe and it will be adjusted in no time. 

When you’re first switching over to natural deodorant it’s best to wash your underarms twice a day with only water, or a natural soap like our Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap made with mānuka oil and lemongrass. This helps to reduce the odour during detox but it won’t irritate the skin.

7 Reasons To Give Natural Deodorant A Try - natural deodorant, paraben free deodorant, aluminium free deodorant

Happy armpits equal a happier you.

Our ManukaRx Deodorant with East Cape mānuka oil is a natural and healthy solution for controlling body odour while allowing your body to work (and sweat) normally. It is gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types. With antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it allows your bodily functions to happen as normal, leading to an overall healthier state.

If you’re ready to make the jump to natural deodorant, check out our ManukaRx Deodorant today. It's only $25 NZD (2 Pack) or you can use code "LOVENATURE" for 10% OFF!

Buy now, thank nature later. 😉

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