5 Best Methods For Optimal Tattoo Healing

Tattoo healing on beautiful woman

Looking after a tattoo doesn't need to be complicated. Keeping your tattoo bright and healthy will make sure it lasts a lifetime, so follow these five steps and enjoy a life-long love affair with your new ink and speed your tattoo healing process.

1. Keep Your Tattoo Clean

First, and most importantly, keep your tattoo clean. Don’t forget that a new tattoo is essentially a wound, so it needs to be protected against bacteria and infection. Wash the area regularly with a bar of gentle soap and carefully pat dry with a soft towel or cloth. Rubbing can potentially remove scabs and flaking skin, leaving the area prone to bacteria. ManukaRx Extra Gentle Cleansing Soap is not only careful on sensitive skin but uses the natural antibacterial properties of East Cape Manuka oil to keep your tattoo clean and protected.

2. Avoid Swimming or Soaking Your Tattoo

As tempting as that cool pool or warm bath may be, stick to showers for speedy tattoo healing. Both baths and pools are full of germs and bacteria which aren’t a great combination with a still-new tattoo; and many pools use chlorine, which can irritate your tattoo and leach ink from the site, leaving the colour uneven. So put down the towel for now - warm (not hot) showers are the way to go.

3. Keep Your Tattoo Moisturised

One of the most irritating parts of the tattoo healing process is the itching. It’s a good sign - itching means the wound is healing but scratching that itch is a big no. Scratching can lead to infection and scarring, so instead, distract hands by moisturising regularly. ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm uses natural active ingredients to hydrate and moisturise skin while protecting against bacteria. For best results wash and dry the tattoo, then leave to dry for ten minutes. Apply ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm gently to the area, taking care not to knock or scratch any scabs.

4. Be Smart in the Sun With Tattoos

Freshly inked skin is going to be extremely vulnerable to any UV rays, so cover up. Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight, and apply a light sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin if heading outside. If you want your tattoo looking healthy for years to come, then being sun smart is a long-term thing. UV can damage tattoos and speed-up fading, so once healed, always smother the tattoo in sunscreen or keep it under wraps.

5. Take it Easy On Your Tattoo

It’s not uncommon to feel a bit unwell after a few hours in the chair - it’s one way the body reacts to trauma. Good tattoo care also calls for loose clothing, avoiding alcohol and not pushing it at the gym, so why not make it a lazy weekend and give your body a few days to recover? Line up something on Netflix and recuperate - your tattoo will thank you for it.

ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm has been specifically formulated to help care for your new tattoo. Ultra moisturising and full of natural antibacterial properties, this gentle balm will help to soothe, protect and nourish your tattoo. Mānuka sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand is famed for its exceptionally high levels of triketones, which boosts the oils antimicrobial properties, making it more effective against bacteria and microorganisms that can cause infections and hinder the healing of cuts and wounds. ManukaRx Tattoo Care Balm uses the combination of powerful East Cape Mānuka Oil, Kawakawa, Arnica and St John's wort to keep your ink vibrant for years to come.

Please Note: If anything looks unusual, or you experience pain or discomfort, contact your tattoo artist and/or doctor. It’s always better to check than risk ruining your ink.



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